Lynette Fodor

The last year I lost my focus on my professional & personal life. Daily walking numb and drained of all energy. I answered Dr. Partis’ e-mail for a consultation. What a difference a week can make! I am so amazed at the change in myself. Waking up early, with...


I never realized how “stuck” I was until I started my coaching sessions with Dr. Raj. Since we started our talks I can feel myself more energized and clear about my goals. He has given me the tools to focus my energy into areas that I was not paying...


My marriage was very tough to deal with and Dr. Raj helped me see what I really want in a relationship and to understand more about myself and my spouse. Because of him, we are still together and happier that we have been in year. If you are having...

Monika Hoyt

Dr. Raj is the real deal. As a therapist and relationship coach with over 20 years’ experience counseling people in relationship crises, I have learned so much from him. He brings together a wealth of knowledge, experience, and compassion to serve his clients from a place of non-judgment and...

Stephan Wiedner

I worked with Dr. Raj for two months and during that time, he helped me move forward on all of the projects I had on the go. Working with him came at a particularly busy time for me and he demonstrated a knack for getting to the heart of...

Gregg Levoy

Dr. Raj is a man who went from putting people to sleep for a living (as an anesthesiologist) to one who is helping wake them up, as a spiritual healer. His passion is nothing less than the story of a man finding his heart and soul, and helping others...

Anita Moorjani

Dr. Parti’s Experience is powerful, deeply spiritual, and transformative, not just for the man who experienced it, but for the person who reads about it, too. Anita Moorjani New York Times Bestseller of “Dying to Be Me”

Dannion Brinkley

His is one is one of the most extraordinary Near Death Experiences I’ve ever heard, not just for the experience itself, but for the transformation it has made in Dr. Parti’s life. Dannion Brinkley New York Times Bestseller of “Saved by the Light”

Arielle Ford

Dr. Raj offers an elegant process of discovery to lift us from despair and pain to healing and wholeness, on all levels … body, mind and soul. Arielle Ford Best selling author and relationship expert

Eva M. Selhub

Dr. Raj’s work is a beautiful testament to a healing journey filled with love of the mind, body and spirit. Eva M. Selhub MD Medical Director of Mind/Body Medical Institute Massachusetts General Hospital