What You Need If You Are Suffering From Heartbreak Right Now

What You Need If You Are Suffering From Heartbreak Right Now

If you are suffering from heartbreak or love trauma, it’s important to first assess where you are at–emotionally, mentally, and physically. It helps to know when and how your heartbreak came to be, and how it is impacting your daily level of functioning. The grieving process has different parts like disbelief, anger, depression, etc.

You may not believe your partner was not capable of hurting you in the way that they did. You be still be in shock, or be experiencing symptoms like chest pains, anxiety, hyper-vigilance, flashbacks, poor sleep, or even overeating as a way of soothing yourself.

Depending on your particular condition and all the variables, there are usuallya few things I would suggest to help your healing process.

  • Meditation.  You can start with just one minute, just feeling your breath moving in and out. You don’t need a mantra, or any particular religious ritual. Research has shown that practice of Mindfulness and tuning into the present moment is very effective in reducing distress.
  • Physical activity. It could be just a five minute walk, or going outside for a few minutes. The body remembers the trauma, so movement is key in healing and dislodging the pain.
  • A Sacred, Non-judgmental Space. You can heal better if you have a safe space to share your experiences. This could  be with a coach, or a friend or a family member. Even if you have done things things you are not proud of, you are in pain too. You need emotional safety in order to heal and become your best self.
  • Social Connection. This does not mean spending hours on Facebook. Rather, it means being in the physical presence of another person (even if you are depressed and don’t feel like it). Having a tea, or going on a hike. You could join a support group or a even just a social group as well.
  • Spiritual Connection. Get in touch with something higher than your own ego, according to whatever your own definition of spirituality may  be. This could be as simple as helping other people. When you are depressed, helping others can be an amazing way to heal. Not only does it contextualize your own suffering, but it connects you with others and provides a sense of purpose in times of despair.

Sometimes these steps are hard to take when we are in pain. But moving a little each day in this direction will help you feel so much better!

Are you ready to get started? If yes, I urge you to complete my pre-appointment questionnaire to see if we might be a good fit to work together.

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