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“In my old life (as an anesthesiologist), I used to put people to sleep. Now I wake them up.” - Dr. Rajiv Parti, MD

I Help People Heal and Thrive in Life & Love...

Dr. Rajiv PartiHello, I am Dr. Rajiv Parti, and I am a certified relationship coach and expert in healing heartbreak.

I specialize in transforming the pain of heartbreak into joy and love using my unique integrative process to not just heal the heartbreak of a lost relationship, but also heal the chronic pain of emotional disconnection of an existing relationship.

If you are somebody, whose heart has been broken, I want to help you recover from your heartbreak and renew your faith in life and love again. Let me show you how to safely hold a caring and respectful space in your heart for the partner you will yet love again.

Whether you have experienced: emotional abandonment, infidelity, emotional affairs, divorce, a bad break-up, a loveless relationship, abuse, or other relationship crisis and truama – The path to healing and love is essentially the same using the principles of consciousness-based healing and post-traumatic growth.

Even if it feels like the hurt will never end, I promise you that LOVE is on the other side of your pain.

You can get to a place that is better than how you felt before your heartbreak. The crisis you are in may even be the perfect catalyst for changes that need to be made.

Imagine the peace of forgiveness. Imagine knowing your own power in your situation–without self-judgment. Can you picture yourself bursting with gratitude and joy?

You can be loved for who you truly are and experience the deep connection of sharing your life with another.

You Will Thrive in Love Again!

I know you can come out the other side, because it happened to me too.

My goal is to help you go from post traumatic stress to post traumatic growth using the combination of consciousness-based healing and the principles of post-traumatic growth. You will heal your heartbreak and come out the other side a new person who is whole and empowered and ready to thrive in love again.

Using my unique Dr. Raj’s Integrative Process™, you can truly heal your heartbreak, grow from the pain, and find love again. This process is responsive to your unique condition, and integrates spiritual lessons gained from my NDE, as well as Eastern Wisdom Traditions, and Western Medicine. The main healing methods I use in my integrative process are: EFT, Reiki, Past Life Regression and Enneagram reading.

You are meant for great love, and it is waiting for you.

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Healing Yourself and Thrive

The women and men who work with me experience healing, transformation and growth, and achieve a whole new relationship “default-mode.” They transform their pain into happiness and eagerness to greet their new life and new love.

Common outcomes are:

  • Feel empowered and confident
  • Have more energy than you ever had before
  • Sleep peacefully, without anxiety or dread
  • Feel excited to wait up in the morning
  • Laugh gain
  • Enjoy the connections you have with people
  • Love yourself
  • Look forward to your future
  • Have healthy, loving, and joyful relationships (better than ever)
  • Enjoy the moment
  • Help attract the partner of your dreams

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Why work with a Healer and Love Coach?

Everybody needs guidance especially in times of crisis. To achieve our goals, we benefit from a skilled healer to help us keep the big picture, identify our blind spots, give us a road map of how to get where were going, and encourage us along the way and keep us accountable.

The Process

I provide highly customized private coaching that takes you through a step-by-step healing process that transforms your emotional pain into joy. I help you grow from heartbreak, so that your quality of life and happiness is even better than it was before the heartbreak.

What to Expect

To begin, I offer a FREE 30-minute Heart-healing strategy session, during which I clarify where you are at, identify where you want to go, and how I may be able to support you. I dive deep with you and explore the symptoms, barriers and best plan for you.

If you are a woman whose heart has been broken by a man, I want to help you recover from your heartbreak and renew your vows to life and love. Let me show you how to safely hold a caring and respectful space in your heart for the men you may yet love again.

If you are ready to feel better now, then let’s get started! Click the button below and complete my pre-questionnaire.

Together, we can mend your broken heart and help you find love again!