Mantras for Heart Healing

Mantras for Heart Healing

Mantras can be used as an integral part of meditation. But did you know they can be used as a healing practice when you are in a painful relationship (or experiencing a broken heart)?

What Is A Mantra?

Mantra is a Sanskrit word formed by conjoining two root words (“man” and tra”) which mean “mind” and “tool” respectively. Therefore, mantra literally translates to “tool or instrument of the mind.”

Furthermore, if we equate our mind with the function of thought, then you can also understand the meaning of mantra to be an “instrument of thought.”

Thought, Word, and Mantra

Taking a more logical approach, we can discern the meaning of mantra by understanding the terms “thought” and “word”.

Thoughts are basically the mental activity arising out of the individual’s consciousness or the mind. Thoughts are vibrations, waves, or a form of energy, and they are the seed of action. A thought is a potential action and can have the same kind of impact on the environment as possible by physical action. Apart from that, thoughts are more powerful and have pervading and far reaching effects. Every action requires a thought.

Words are a medium for our thoughts. They are necessary to make use of the higher faculties of our brain, even the subconscious mind. Words give our thoughts form and meaning that we can both understand and remember. Words help contain, capture, and preserve the thoughts. They are in essence the expressive form of our thought–or the carrier of thoughts–and also have vibrational energy. A group of words can connect many thoughts and create a strong energy field.

A mantra then is the combination of powerful thoughts enveloped in carefully crafted words and sentences that produce coherent energy, specific sounds, and high vibrations. Mantras make the underlying thought stronger on each repetition. These thoughts communicated and repeated through a mantra influence the mind, and connect it to the divine or cosmic energy.

Mantras also create mystic sounds of different vibrations or frequencies, and the vibrational effects of the sounds increase the energy level of the particular targeted frequency, to act upon a specific area of concern. Thus, mantras are vibrational energies or energy-based sounds that create thought-energy waves, which are capable of creating transformation.

Benefits of mantras

People have experienced overwhelming changes in their lives by mantra chanting, and they make this mantra yoga a part of their daily ritual. Modern scientific researches are carried on to prove the health benefits of the mantra healing, also called as mantropathy. Modern devices like the MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) and the PET scans (Positron Emission Tomography) have been successful in measuring the energy of thoughts, which effect the person physically, mentally, and spiritually.

So it makes sense to incorporate mantras into emotional healing, or personal transformation in the realm of relationships. Try the mantra below to keep your heart open while healing and facilitating radical inside-out change.

A Heart-Healing Mantra

If you are suffering from a difficult relationship, having trust issues, or even hurting from a broken heart, try the mantra which calls upon the divine energy of Guru Ram Das, Lord of Miracles and healer of hearts.

It is important to resist the urge to close yourself off, or stay in self-protection mode. This mantra will help you stay present and open to healing and true transformation, as opposed to repression and hardening of the heart.

The mantra is: “Guru Guru Waheguru Guru Ram Das Guru.”

Feel free to cry out or sing if you need to. You can start in a whisper, but allow yourself eventually say it loudly.

Let the sound of your voice be the funnel that allows the pain out of your body.  Even if you feel sad, you can hear the strength in your voice.

If you do this 15 to 30 minutes per day, you will truly see the sun rise again on the horizon, and get to the joy on the other side of pain.

Good luck with this and let me know how I can support you!

Dr. Raj


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