The Journey from Heartbreak to Healing

The Journey from Heartbreak to Healing

The Journey from Heartbreak to Love

Healing heartbreak requires that we take a journey through the rooms and hallways of our mind and heart—carefully picking up pieces of ourselves and putting them back where they belong. It is a process of rebuilding who we are again after losing a large part of ourselves.

The journey of healing heartbreak includes rebuilding self-esteem and releasing the doubts and insecurities that plague our thoughts and feelings. Eventually, after working through our feelings, we must accept the loss of the relationship and be willing to move forward and thrive in love again.

The Journey Begins

Heartbreak causes emotional shock—a shattering of what was believed to be true, not only about the lost relationship and being in love, but also in trusting our frame of reality that we rely on.

Regardless of how together you thought you were or how strong and empowered you felt before the heartbreak—another reality imposes itself and your world is shattered. There’s an ache in the pit of the stomach and your heart feels numb, you can’t feel much of anything except helplessly hurt, and alone.

One Step at a Time

When there’s someone who will listen to your pain and help you collect yourself and move forward it makes all the difference in the world. From the depths of despair in heartbreak comes a light at the end of the tunnel and you see that light of hope lead you back into thriving in love again.

To get there, we need to take one step at a time. The journey from heartbreak to love can feel like being lost in a forest until someone comes along to help you find the pathway home. This is exactly what I do as a women’s empowerment coach, like a forest ranger guiding you to the pathway home to yourself and feeling strong again.

Looking Within

This journey of finding your way back to thriving in love again and healing heartbreak is an inward looking process. It’s a process that reconnects the spiritual, emotional, and energetic aspects of your being that are traumatized and disconnected. My healing process (Dr. Raj’s Integrative Process™) applies the tenets of Consciousness Based Healing (CBH) to take you step by step on your healing journey.

Not only does this process help you heal, it makes you stronger and wiser and prepares you to meet the next great love of your life when you are ready for it.

Standing Up

In the beginning, when heartbreak is still weighing heavy on the heart it may seem impossible to ever love anyone again. There is no rush to make that happen. It will happen naturally as you feel more whole and healed again.

The good news is, as you grow stronger and feel more whole—your passion for life and your unique contribution you bring to it will return to you. Healing heartbreak returns to you the ability to feel and give love and create and express yourself with love more fully.

Moving Forward

I have lived through a near death experience —returning to heal my own heartbreak, heal my marriage, and thriving in love again. This journey gave me knowledge I would not otherwise have about Consciousness Based Healing. After emerging from this experience, I know I am charged with bringing this healing to women who experienced heartbreak—to help them heal and thrive in love again as I have done.

I work primarily through Skype, phone or chat sessions online. If you would like me to guide you on your journey of healing heartbreak, press the button below and a session request form will be sent to you.

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