Invoking the Divine Feminine to Heal Heartbreak

Invoking the Divine Feminine to Heal Heartbreak

Heartbreak is the result of an unexpected change, a letdown, a betrayal, or an ending of a love relationship. A broken heart comes from a deep wound that can shut down your heart emotionally, thus blocking your ability to give or receive love, and numbing your ability to love yourself or be available in all your other relationships.

Energetically, the Chakra energy system* contracts and creates restrictions to the flow of life force energy that nourishes you. Physical symptoms and potential health issues can develop if the Chakra system isn’t cleared, healed and balanced.

When your heart is broken, the disruption and imbalance in the Chakra energy system directly effects the Heart, Stomach and Womb Chakras. The 3rd Chakra (stomach) is about personal power, identity, and integrity—which takes a big hit when there is heartbreak. Another effected Chakra is the Womb (2nd Chakra) which is connected to creativity, sex, and intimate relationships. You can understand why this Chakra would be so impacted by the loss of a love relationship. And finally, as you would expect, the Heart Chakra is affected—this is the seat of love and is connected not only to the physical heart but also to the emotional and psychological condition.

Heartbreak leaves its mark and can cause chronic sadness or depression. If left unresolved and unhealed, heartbreak can become a physical and emotional condition that affects health as well as mental stability and balance. Prolonged heartbreak can induce chronic stress, trouble sleeping, weakened immune system, anxiety and eating disorders, digestive issues, and identity crisis.

Reiki energy healing is part of my approach (Dr. Raj’s Integrative Process™) which provides energy clearing, healing and balancing, and is included in sessions with me.

You are not alone

Another important aspect of heartbreak is the impact this has on a person’s sense of connection with the divine. The world of the heartbroken contracts into loneliness and isolation, sometimes dangerously so. Feeling alone is one of the most pervasive emotional aches the heartbroken can carry. This delusion of isolation is in essence a spiritual problem, as it is a lack of awareness of how we are all connected.

But you truly are not alone. One of the 7 Eternal Truths I learned from my DNE (near death experience) is this: “Divine beings exist to help and guide us.” We must take advantage of this truth, and invoking the Goddess is a powerful way to spiritually heal a broken heart. If you invoke the Goddess’s compassion and grace, you can deeply heal the pain, hurt, anger, and wounded heart.

How to Invoke the Divine Feminine to Heal Your Broken Heart

One way to invoke the Goddess is through using mantras to elicit grace. Mantras* are “sacred utterances” in which a sound, word, syllable, or group of words are repeated. Mantras are thought to have spiritual powers and can induce an altered state—often associated in connection with a deity.

The Goddesses Tara and Kuan Yin are the epitome of love, as well as the source of compassion and grace.  The following mantras are very effective in awakening the Goddess and asking for her bestowal of blessings, and the release of pain and suffering.

Mantra to invoke Tara:
Om tare tuttare ture soha

Mantra to invoke Kuan Yin
Namo, Guan, Shi Yin Pusa

Mantra for either Tara or Kuan Yin
Om mani padme hum

Try these in a quiet space at home and just tune into the sounds, which serve as a grounding and springboard for greater consciousness and a portal to receive divine guidance. You will be amazed at how effective these can be in helping to not only release your suffering but also step into your power and passion to create better love in the future.

One-to-One Help with Heartbreak

If you are interested in getting support with this, consider one-to-one sessions. Dr. Raj’s Integrative Process™ includes energy and spiritual healing methods like those included here. If you are suffering from heartbreak and would like my support with healing and returning to thriving in love again, click on the button below and you will be sent a session request form. I look forward to supporting you!

In service,
Rajiv Parti, MD


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