Heartbreak Really Hurts by Dr. Rajiv Parti

The night you screamed
“I do not love you,”
My heart fluttered, breath stopped,
I shut down with pain.
Heartbreak really hurts.

Your words were daggers to my heart,
My heart shed tears of blood.
I developed chronic chest pains,
Medically called Heartbreak Syndrome.
Heartbreak really hurts.

I wondered about my faults,
Lost my self-worth, my confidence.
Sleepless nights became routine as
I got PTSD from this love trauma.
Heartbreak really hurts.

The day you asked for a divorce,
Like Indiana Jones my heart ripped open,
My heart thrown by the wayside.
I became a living dead man.
Heartbreak really hurts.

Dr. Rajiv Parti
The Heartbreak Doctor

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