The Healing Power of Eros

The Healing Power of Eros

In Western culture, Eros (erotic love) has a schizophrenic character. On one hand, eroticism is blatantly used as a commercial tool to attract attention and buy products, while on the other hand it is considered an impolite subject to talk about in general company. Eros and sex are inflated and idealized in men’s magazines, movies and further conflated with violence in video games and entertainment apps.

What is Eros?

Eros is the primal desire to connect and procreate—on all levels, not just sexually. It is Life Force energy with a driving will to sensually connect. It is an unstoppable force that will always find a way so that love’s greater purpose is served.Eros serves the prime directive of life—creating new life, new expression, and new experiences.

Through the stages of healing from heartbreak, it can be very difficult to feel Eros within you. In rarer cases, some women have an opposite reaction to the loss of their relationship and heartbreak and unexpectedly find themselves with unusually high libido. In either of these cases, it indicates an imbalance of Eros in their energy system.

In the latter stages of grieving and healing from heartbreak, it might be possible to begin reconnecting with the Eros within you and begin to vivify your body and life again with its healing power. Don’t feel rushed into trying to have your Eros up or feel judged that you don’t feel erotic right now. Only try what feels right for you, and only when you feel ready for it.

Eros as Healer

Eros is more than a desire to have sex—it seeks connection and communion with another. This is why erotic stories are so popular because we connect through the activation of our senses in the mental imagery, thoughts, and visions evoked by the story telling.

Enabling Eros’s healing abilities is a matter of channeling its energy into creative acts, like art, music, or dance, which also connects you to other people who share your appreciation of what you create. Eros is expressed and experienced by activating the senses and interacting, being influenced by its energy through creative interpretation and engagement.

Women recovering from heartbreak -when they are ready to do so- can practice embodiment exercises which strengthen their mind-body-heart connection and integration. Outlets of erotic expression for women include Belly Dance (or Pole Dancing) where women sensually move and feel empowered in their flow of Eros.

The Power of Eros

Eros has an incredible ability to reconnect the broken or hurt parts of us and generate feeling empowered by new connections with new associations and new possibilities for new beginnings, new opportunities, and new relationships.

My empowerment coaching helps women who feel their Eros is blocked use alternative methods of engaging their Eros and benefit from its healing power. My unique healing approach, Dr. Raj’s Integrative Process™, uses energy and spiritual healing methods to address blocked or imbalanced Eros through phone or Skype sessions.

If you would like me to be your supportive coach while reconnecting with your Eros and would like to know more about how to accomplish this, please press the button below and a session request form will be sent to you.


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