Healing Heartbreak and Return to Love with Authentic Tantra

Healing Heartbreak and Return to Love with Authentic Tantra

Heartbreak has a tremendous effect on the life of the heartbroken. Despite how much we hate feeling it, heartbreak is a stubborn and lingering affliction that can’t be hurried away. As we go through the stages of grief, it’s important to genuinely feel our emotions and process our feelings at a pace that is right for each of us individually.

Wisdom keepers of many cultures have known since ancient times that there are ways to facilitate healing and foster spiritual enlightenment using kundalini –life force– sexual energy, known and taught today as Authentic Tantra.

Authentic Tantra is the teaching that recognizes the unadorned divine essence of radiant love within the marvelous container of the human body. For 1,000s of years, yogis and Tantrikas have utilized kundalini life force sexual energy for healing maladies including the pain and distress that comes with heartbreak.

You can use this Tantric guided meditation (contributed by Transcendental Tantra™ teacher Sunyata Satchitananda) to ease and speed your process of healing from heartbreak and to heal your inner lover and have an experience of the communion you are long for:

Guided Meditation
Tantra teaches us to become the embodiment of Love—which emanates from the Heart Chakra (Anahata) and is represented by the cosmic lovers Shiva and Shakti.

Place your attention on the middle of your chest and breathe deeply as if you are breathing through the portal of your heart center. With each deep breath, in and out, imagine that you are soothing and massaging any hurts or bruises you find; eventually building strength and feeling clearer and clearer with each breath.

Now, visualize the space of your Heart Chakra as a beautiful exotically decorated private abode designed for the erotic play of lovers. There in this abode of the Heart Chakra is where the lovers Shiva and Shakti meet. They bow to each other and move as one in Tantric ritual sexual communion.

In sublime sexual union the lover and the beloved churn the cosmic sea generating kundalini’s life sustaining and healing bath which surrounds the lovers in waves of ecstatic bliss.

As you imagine this scene of Shiva and Shakti in ecstasy, see how much you can feel into the experience as a metaphor for healing your inner lover and feeling your inner longing met by such a lover in this visualization.

When you feel complete, return your awareness to the room where you are and feel yourself seated and supported; breathe normally and open your eyes when you are ready.

Go from Heartbreak to Love Again

My process with heartbreak took me along a path where I eventually realized my old patterns of communicating and, most importantly, my understanding of intimate relationships had to radically change.

As my wife and I considered divorce, I had a near-death experience that made me realize my marriage was also going through an NDE. I survived the first NDE in order to face the one that challenged my marriage. I committed myself to find solutions and make changes no matter where it led.

As I gained in strength and knowledge I became determined to find a way to personally survive my heartbreak, even if my marriage didn’t make it, but I would make every possible effort to resuscitate it and make it thrive again if I could. My wife and I are together again and very happy, thanks to the changes I’ve made and a better understanding of intimacy and relationship.

Heartbreak to Love Coaching

Due to my own process of transformation and growth, I know what it’s like to feel heartbreak and I know the kind of support you need to get through it. As a Certified Conscious Relationship Coach, my passion is to help those suffering from heartbreak to heal and thrive again, and to find love again. It’s possible to turn your trauma into growth and your pain into joy.

A Doorway to Opportunity

Using my signature approach, called Dr. Raj’s Integrative Process™ I guide you through the grieving process, and post heartbreak PTSD to post heartbreak Growth.

To speak with me further about how I can support you, and see if we might be a good fit to work together, please click the link below and complete my pre-appointment questionnaire.

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“From my NDE experience, I know beyond a doubt, that total wellness, healing, and ultimately joy is something that we create innately within us. We achieve it when we integrate the non-physical dimension into our awareness, and honor the spiritual aspect of the Self as much as we care for our physical bodies.” ~Dr. Raj

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