Gift It Forward


Thank you for wanting to ‘Gift It Forward’!

Your sessions were a gift from someone before you. Earlier, someone made a contribution so that YOU could be helped in your personal growth on your life’s journey. Why not continue the flow of giving – to ‘pay it forward? Your contribution will allow future clients to experience the same generosity and success in their relationship. It is this circle of giving that allows others to benefit from similar services you received in your healing.

How to Contribute to others:

To send any amount, click on the button below. You will be directed to a PayPal screen where you can fill in your gift amount at the top left on the screen. Then continue to follow the directions from PayPal. Again, thank you for continuing the flow!

Your contribution will be acknowledged through the e-mail address you used in sending this donation. PayPal will also send you an email regarding this transaction. If you do not receive an email from Paypal, your contribution did not complete successfully. Please use my contact form to let me know. Thank you.

Privacy:  I will respect for your privacy and not contact you through the e-mail address you use with PayPal, but encourage you to signup for my newsletter. Also, I will not sell your contact information to a mailing list as your privacy is greatly valued.