Energy Medicine and Heartbreak Trauma

Energy Medicine and Heartbreak Trauma

Energy medicine therapy is a branch of alternative medicine that uses spiritual and energy based methods to treat adverse physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual conditions and symptoms.

Energy medicine addresses the human subtle energy system to realign and balance it for optimum function and health. When symptoms like feeling off-balance or disconnected occur it is an indication that one or more energy centers (Chakras) are impaired in some way.

When there is heartbreak trauma, it is primarily the Heart Chakra (among others) which is impacted. Using energy medicine treatments, we can re-balance the Heart Chakra and help heal the trauma of heartbreak.

The Energy Body

All around us is energy, known as “Chi” or “prana shakti,” which is life force energy. It enters the human body through the Root Chakra—feeding vital life force energy to other Chakras, glands, and organs.

The Energy Body is the energetic version of the physical body, it is what is behind the scenes supplying and routing subtle energy to endocrine glands and organs to support the optimum function of the body’s systems. The energy body is made up of an “energy spine” (Sushumna) with energy centers (Chakras) positioned near major organs and includes energy pathways (nadis) spreading everywhere like veins of energy to key parts of the body.

Energy Medicine

Energy medicine works with the Chi that surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body. You could think of energy medicine as God/dess’s blessing and grace applied as a revitalizing tonic or healing salve for the energy body.

Whenever humans suffer harm or loss, their energy body is also harmed and needs to be re-balanced and cleared of anything preventing it from working optimally. This is because emotional and psychological trauma that is experienced in the physical world also impacts the energy body.

The Heart Chakra’s Purpose

The Heart Chakra is a very important energy center—it is the symbol of life and the seat of love within us. The Heart Chakra is connected to the sense of touch and is associated with the thymus gland. Within the Heart Center (Heart Chakra) is also where the masculine and feminine archetypes / prime energy aspects reside in their procreative synergistic dance together.

The Heart Center is also known for its quality of unconquerable-love, a powerful force for good in this world. Whenever heartbreak has happened there is a corresponding wounding of the energy body and especially the Heart Chakra energy center. With the Heart Center impaired, vital life force energy is affected and limited, causing ripple effects in other places which impair health and well-being.

Healing Heartbreak Trauma

Without addressing the energy body’s needs for healing and rebalancing, the emotional and psychological symptoms of heartbreak are likely to continue or get worse. “Broken Heart Syndrome” is a medical reality that presents in extreme cases of grieving and depression causing short term, but severe, heart muscle failure.

An impacted Heart Chakra can also cause symptoms of chronic fatigue and low libido. If the Heart Center is not healed and balanced it will perpetuate the heartbroken emotional and psychological wounds and lengthen their trauma and suffering.

Thriving in Love Again

My consciousnesses Based Healing process, (Dr. Raj’s Integrative Process™) draws from energy medicine treatments to heal and balance the energy body and the Heart Chakra particularly. As a certified energy healer, I am able to work with your energy body remotely (via Skype) or during in-person sessions. Energy healing is an important supportive modality to include when addressing heartbreak’s pain and suffering.

I also apply spiritual healing methods to raise consciousness and relieve the emotional charge associated with heartbreak. This advanced spiritual healing ability can get to the root of past life and karmic causes which complicate and delay healing. I create a safe container of unique insight from my near death experience (NDE) and channeled CBH method, including energy and spiritual healing for a greatly effective holistic program that heals heartbreak trauma.

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