The Cosmic Dance of the Masculine and Feminine

The Cosmic Dance of the Masculine and Feminine

The Cosmic Dance of Masculine and Feminine

Mystics have described the existence of the universe as the result of “Leela” (divine play) in a cosmic dance of primal archetypes as deities: Shakti (feminine) and Shiva (masculine). The images we see of Shakti and Shiva together represent the creative interplay between feminine and masculine creative forces, synergistically working behind the scenes of reality.

Each aspect of this primordial dyad has unique characteristics which surreptitiously contribute to what we see unfolding around us in our experience of life. Their interaction is a result of co-creating in cooperation together, and is further acted on and experienced by women and men—and reflected in their relationships.

Yin & Yang

In the cosmic dance together, the masculine represents focused and planned action towards a specific goal, whereas the feminine comprises spontaneous and undirected motion with a multitude of possible outcomes. The masculine is related to the mind and thinking, and the feminine is related to the body and feeling.

The famous Yin Yang symbol depicts masculine and feminine in dynamic interplay and flow, working together to create the whole of life’s experience. One side of the image is not larger than the other and one does not dominate over the other—they work together. This is true for both men and women, each has feminine and masculine energy within them—and is manifest in their intimate relationships as well.

The Human Experience

When there is heartbreak, a person’s balance and synergy with their masculine and feminine aspects is upset and can be thrown off. Men and women are the materialized, corporeal versions of the cosmic dance—having both feminine and masculine aspects within them. In people, when there is an imbalance or an impairment of the natural flow of the feminine or masculine energy it causes suffering.

Another way the cosmic dance of the feminine and masculine shows up is with partners of an intimate love relationship. Relationships are an external reflection of the inner reality of each partner’s state of being. When in balance, the masculine and feminine help partners to understand each other better and have more compassion for each other when there are challenges.

When a relationship is suddenly and unwantedly ended it also affects the inner balance of feminine and masculine. When there is heartbreak and the loss of a relationship the sudden dissolution causes a disconnection in feminine and masculine collaboration and purpose together which can be disorienting and debilitating.

Leela—the Eternal Dance

The divine play and dance of masculine and feminine, called “Leela” is something we can consciously work with and participate in. With help from an experienced guide, we can discover the places in life where there is an imbalance and correct it.

My Integrative Process™, which uses Consciousness Based Healing methods given to me in my near death experience, restores any imbalances of masculine and feminine, in order to to bring back the healthy flow again. Through this process, I can guide you step by step to create healing and renewal that treats the symptoms of imbalance that show up in your life experiences and interactions.

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