Awakened Men Support Womens Autonomy

Awakened Men Support Womens Autonomy

Awakened Men Support Women's Autonomy

Something that comes up frequently for women during sessions is the issues they had in their relationship and the behavior of their male partner. Consciousness Based Healing provides a blueprint for consciously relating between partners and provides insight into what is going on and how to address it.

If a woman doesn’t feel she is considered as an equal or valued for her opinion, intelligence and ideas, she will feel diminished and ignored. In a conscious relationship, it is essential that the man recognizes, values, and supports women’s autonomy and empowerment.

New Paradigm Relationships

An awakened man will create a safe space for his partner and himself to thrive and grow together—as equals even though each will have unique talents that maybe the other one doesn’t have.

The old ways of domineering relationships are disappearing and new paradigm relationships built on conscious interactions and spiritual principles that honor a woman’s autonomy and help her feel free to express her soul’s delight are becoming more prevalent.

Awakened Men

Awakened men are not domineering or controlling of women in a vain attempt to feel superior or emotionally secure. He sees women as being equal to himself, to be considered and valued as equally worthy and with having the same inherent rights as he does.

An awakened man defends a woman’s right to be autonomous and in not needing a man to lead her and tell her what to do. This is the old patriarchal viewpoint which the angelic beings told me was hurting humanity and needs to be replaced by higher expressions of love between men and women.

I had to divest my psyche of the old domineering ways of patriarchy before he could heal completely and restore his marriage. In doing so, he not only pleased his wife but freed himself, and became a more sacred masculine man. More and more men are waking up to supporting women’s autonomy and creating conscious relationships that thrive in love together.

Women’s Empowerment

As a women’s empowerment coach, I guide women in untangling the webs of patriarchy that have infiltrated their relationship with men. As a man who underwent tremendous transformation to release my outmoded beliefs and meet my wife as an equal, reverentially welcoming her as co-creator of our marriage and honoring her perspective and needs, I understand what is required in the guidance in this process.

Women report they feel safe and respected while working with me, and that my coaching helped them be clear about what was important to them and how they can reclaim their power to feel whole and thrive in love again.

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