21 Things to Do When You are Feeling Low

21 Things to Do When You are Feeling Low

This morning I didn’t feel like blogging as I was feeling low. Part of healing from heartbreak is getting through the day when you just don’t feel like dealing with life.

We all go through these phases once in a while. But the very thing we need to feel better, is usually the thing we don’t want to do!

Here is the trick: Do it before you feel ready. It will make you feel better! Actions transform consciousness, even though the tendency is to wait until inspiration hits.

Don’t wait! Have a look at the suggestions below, to help you take one day at a time. (If you continue to feel depressed or your functioning becomes significantly impaired, please don’t hesitate to get professional help).

21 Things to Do When You are Feeling Low

  1. Gratitude, write down things you are grateful for.
  2. Call a friend; go out for a lunch or coffee with her/him.
  3. Go shopping. Ha! ha! Have you ever heard a Doctor prescribing shopping?
  4. Go on Facebook and chat or connect with friends.
  5. Replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts.
  6. Have great sex. It is very healing. It gives you glimpse of deep reality. Of Oneness.
  7. Go out in bright sun light. Natural sunlight is very healing.
  8. Go out in nature, hiking, beach, jogging, walking.
  9. Go to the gym. Have a good work out. Moving the body calms the mind.
  10. Get a massage, otherwise do a self-massage, it is very calming and relaxing.
  11. Read a good book it could be Bible, Gita, a Novel etc
  12. Do something to keep you occupied, do your hobbies,
  13. Pray.
  14. Meditate.
  15. Take a yoga class.
  16. Breathing exercises.
  17. Watch funny movies. I like watching funny kid’s cartoons.
  18. Expresses you emotions give them a way out, to friend, journal, and blog them.
  19. Indulge yourself, with good food, great wine, whatever pleases you
  20. Call your family.
  21. Lastly have Hope that this phase will pass too.


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