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Dr. Rajiv Parti is a life and love coach.
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Heal Your Relationship Pain and find New Love

Find Love AgainIf you’ve suffered in love, or from the loss of a relationship or divorce, you know the pain of loneliness and disconnection and the grief of a lost relationship, and you know the despair of a broken heart.

I want to help you recover from your heartbreak and renew your faith in life and love again. Let me show you how to safely hold a caring and respectful space in your heart for the future partner, you will yet love again.

Your heart is literally aching, and you fear you will never feel loved again. You find yourself withdrawn from life—nothing seems to heal your pain. Feeling desperate you might have sought relief in medications or alcohol.

What if you knew—without a doubt—that you can turn your pain into joy? That you can not only heal, but get stronger and happier than you ever were before?

When my marriage hit the rocks after 30 years, I experienced the gamut of symptoms that come from a broken heart. I know how debilitating it can be.

I’m here to tell you—not just from personal experience but also as a healer and coach—that there is a way to heal and get to the other side of relationship pain.

Dying to Wake Up by Dr. Rajiv PartiThere is a path which brings gratitude, forgiveness, joy, and love that you’ve never had before.

In my best-selling book, “Dying to Wake Up,” I shared about my profoundly life-changing near-death experience. I literally went to the other side and learned many profound truths about LIFE.

So when my marriage suffered its own “near-death” a few years later, I was blessed to be able to apply those same lessons to LOVE.

As a heart anesthesiologist who supported many heart operations, it is ironic that it was my own heart that called out for relief, and that my healing came not from medicine, but from the timeless wisdom shared with me when I was near death.

My old relationship had to die before I could experience new love (with my wife I’m happy to say).  But whether you are in a relationship, or getting over one, one thing is for sure: Love is here for you and you are meant to have it!

Are you ready to begin your journey of healing, growth and finding new love again?

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I will be there with you, to gently guide you in healing your pain and returning to thriving in love again!

Healing the Trama of a Broken Heart
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Broken heartDespite being a heart anesthesiologist, and having my own heart attack and near death experience, I didn’t know the true pain of heartbreak until I was devastated by my wife’s decision to end our marriage. I felt sick to my stomach. Unable to stand up I crawled on the floor feeling like my heartbreak was bleeding all over the place. I couldn’t think, I felt numb, I was in shock. I was emotionally crushed and felt alone, abandoned in the dark cave of my despair with nothing but shadows engulfing me.

I know the emotional exhaustion and intense heart ache that heartbreak brings. I know the feelings of terror—that you will never be loved again, no one will want you, or there’s something wrong with you.

In Love againI know what it’s like to lose so much of what was dear to me—my health, my career, my house, and my marriage.  I learned and applied what I now coach others to also achieve: to go from heartbreak to empowerment to thriving again in love’s grace like never before.

So my friend, I speak to you as someone who has made this journey and found great insights that facilitate healing, growth, and loving again, which I will also share with you.

If you are a woman whose heart has been broken by a man, I want to help you recover from your heartbreak and renew your faith in life and love again. Let me show you how to safely hold a caring and respectful space in your heart for the men you may yet love again.

Dr. Raj is truly a healer of all dimensions and gives us the tools to heal our emotions and heal our lives. Dr. Parti shares the essential truths about love and healing. With his guidance, you will be able to open your heart, heal your body and joy in every aspect of your life.
Dr. Raj takes you on a wondrous journey through the mysteries of self-healing.
Dr. Raj’s work is a beautiful testament to a healing journey filled with love of the mind, body and spirit.
His is one is one of the most extraordinary Near Death Experiences I’ve ever heard, not just for the experience itself, but for the transformation it has made in Dr. Parti’s life.

conscious life & Love Coach

Relationship Coach, Healer, Best Selling Author, and Speaker

I thought I had it all figured out, but then, seemingly out-of-the-blue, my wife told me she didn’t love me anymore…

What was I to do? What does any of us do when our world falls apart? I was absolutely devastated. In the ensuing days, weeks, and months I couldn’t conceive how to heal and go forward with life again—I just did it, day by day, hour by hour.

After my initial shock and grief subsided, I was able to look inward and find my power. I saw my role in the demise of my marriage. I knew that the only way to change my relationship and thrive in love again was to change myself.

I embarked upon a journey of compassion, forgiveness, and love. It was not easy—it was painful like childbirth. My old relationship had to die before I could experience this new love. I had to become a better, more complete man and heal my heartbreak, and forgive. Now my wife and I have a new marriage and a better relationship than we ever had. The abundance of love and joy is staggering.

Your deepest pain will become your greatest joy.

As one who has been there and back again, and who has received timeless wisdom and learned the most effective healing modalities I am here to support your process of healing your heartbreak and thriving in a loving relationship again.

I reached out to Dr. Parti because I wanted to have my life back. I wanted my old self back but also a new improved self. I have forgiven my ex, and found peace. With the tools Dr. Parti provided, I now have a clear direction for my future self and partner. Yes! I am looking forward to my future!” ~Lynette

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